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For every minute, your page is unavailable; you lose the opportunity to generate leads, convert conversions, and take advantage of sales. The seriousness of the situation is serious, but not panic! Read this manual to understand this mistake and learn methods to solve it.

Fast way to fix error using Cpanel hosting

Data base error
Your database uses a language called MySQL. Your site depends on a server side language called PHP. Every time the URL of your website is entered in the browser, WordPress uses PHP to retrieve all the information on the page of the error establishing a Database connection and sends the visitor’s browser.
Error connecting to the database, which is because this MySQL PHP connection to learn tends to be interrupted for some reason; we need to investigate.

All of the following scenarios can cause this error:

Your logon data (user name and password) can be changed. Even if you did not change it, it could happen somehow.
If you install an extra bad code, the database may be corrupted.
Your site can experience heavy traffic that is beyond the capacity of the server.
Your web hosting company can be guilty of it, and the database does not work due to a problem on your page.

Before you try to solve the problem,Google Cpm I suggest you make a backup! You can create a backup in the following ways:

Load all FTP files (SFTP). You need to connect your hosting account, as Cloudways console platform.
Export MySQL database, the export function.

  • Save Backup using any WordPress Plugin

Did you end up with the same error when trying to enter the site URL (front-end), and when you try to access / wp-admin / (back-end)? If the error is the same at which connection error the database says, go to the next step.

Establishing a Database

However, if you try to include the following errors when trying to sign into / wp-admin /, the database was corrupted:

“One or more database tables are not available. It may be necessary to repair the database.’

In your WordPress root directory files, you need your wp-config.php file. You need to do this to enable integrated WordPress repair feature.

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