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How does each cost? Once all forex traders not only for these graphic technical indicators appear very. Dealers are in business to make money!

If these indicators produce signals that do not translate into a profitable bottom line over time, it is the way are easy to go for your needs! To give a comparison of the effectiveness of individual technical indicators, we decided to test each of the indicators themselves over the past five years again.

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Back-testing, Rob Rob experience, our resident forex robot is then to test the parameters of the indicators against the action of historical prices. You will learn more about this in your future studies. For now, take a look at the settings we use for our backtest.

With these parameters, we tested each of the Best forex trading strategy indicator  technical indicators made by me in the daily EUR / USD over the past five years. We are (i.e., 100,000 units) take trading one lot at a time without loss of game stoppage or profit points. Simply, we cover and change position after a new signal appears. This means that if first had a long position when the indicator said we sell, should we cover and we build a new short position.

Forex technical indicators

Also, we assume that we were well capitalized (as proposed in our lesson leverage) and began with a balance of $ 100,000, for example. Besides the actual revenues and losses of each strategy, we have gained whole/loss pips and maximum loss.

Again, you have to remember, no currency trading without stop-loss HIT. This is for illustration purposes only! Then, non repainting indicator mt4 here are the results of our return test:

Data showed that in the past five years, made the best indicator was only Ichimoku indicator. A total profit of $ 30,341 or 30.35% earned. Over 5 years, gives us an average of just over 6% per year!

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