How computer speakers evolved

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August 12, 2017 Fashion No comments

A long time ago all the sounds produced by computers, mostly “bleep and bloops” were transmitted through a very small speaker fond on their rear side!

One beep meant that everything was OK with the computer while two meant that there was a boot problem!

Top rated computer speakers or PC speakers have definitely evolved a lot since those days! They started with producing simple diagnostic beeps, and they have now adapted in order to support the amazing multimedia capabilities of modern computers!

The first step of this rapid evolution, took place during the transition between text-based computing to a graphics-based user interface, like Windows! Now that there were numerous visual aspects to computing, there had to be various sound effects associated with the graphics on the screen!

These sounds were very basic at first, as the start up sound of Windows 95 but they steadily became more and more complicated and sophisticated. It wasn’t long before short music files that looped were introduced to the first games in order to make them more immersive! The sound became an essential part of computing!

Those sounds were produced by the motherboards at first, but because various programs demanded more complicated sounds, separate sound cards were created! These sound cards were specifically designed to take care of all the necessary computations required to produce richer and fuller sound, which meant that the CPU no longer had to deal with these tasks!

The real revolution, however, started with the introduction of the mp3 format, which allowed computers to play back music effortlessly! Now you could listen to your favorite artist or song while working on your PC, without having to use your stereo or CD player! This is why separate computer speakers became so popular!

These speaker systems at first consisted of just two very low powered tweeters, but their quality started to improve almost immediately, and before long, subwoofers were added to them, in order to improve their deep bass capabilities! These rather simple systems soon evolved into full 5.1 systems (5 tweeters providing surround sound and a subwoofer)!

The latest multimedia computer speaker systems are even better than most computer speakers found in high-end stereo equipment! Furthermore, they have also become a lot prettier and often add to the decor of a room! As far as technical details are concerned, they can now produce amazing sound along the entire spectrum of audio wavelengths, from strong low ranges, to crystal clear high ranges!

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