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Credibility and welcome ,to the search engine optimization tutorial and it is for you to talk. About on page optimization what is on page optimization on-page optimization on the factors that lies within your website. and if it’s your search engine rankings American are you can say that you write the code of your website.

Titan title tags how to write a meta tags how to write the anchor and “Al tags and where to place the key words and stuff like that so search engine optimization in HTML tags and title tax the web page “.

Meta tags for the description of the web page and Alex tags for the images used in your webpage and anchor tags. For the links inside your webpage and the head of tax from 81286 for the headings inside your web page  .

You can place all your efforts that you have downloaded and edited inside these tags and improve your search engine rankings dramatically so that’s it for this when you guys a little bit about- them Seduction on on-page SEO let’s check it out okay to give you a simple explanation of what on page.

he way you format your blog page your blog post . that’s easily seen and read by Google to let me further{ explain here’s a blog post I wrote about the podcast and his horse from cliff ravenscraft .basically I have strategically structured my blog post in a way so that Google when they go through with their Google+ ,or web crawlers they’re basically reading this article from left to right and they’re just constantly going through the entire. Article and they’re reading the content and On Page SEO advanced course they’re trying to understand what is this Blood poster page about and think of it kind of like a library a library book and here she would basically decide okay what subject is this post this book.

Must relay tattoo where should I place it in the bookshelf and I want to categorize it in a way so people can find it that’s basically what Google does your blood indexing it inside their database example. You’re going to see my website trustemo.com his number right here this is the exact thing is you can actually see words with long tails in our previous .I’m going to show you that this article is now only rank for the keyword .

pod casting A to Z but it also is rain for the word podcasting A to Z review so I’m going to type that in .and you can see that I am ranked number one for podcasting hey to Z review so this blog post is rank for multiple keywords that people just typing in this Google Search and all because of the way I structured my website so the next couple of videos /that show you how you can do your own page optimization so that Google can easily find it.

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