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The 11 Best Fashion Schools in the World You Should Know About

Best Fashion Schools In The World For 2020 > CEOWORLD magazine

For those of you who want to explore the fashion world at the university level, you will later get more diverse lessons such as the skill of drawing, the sewing process, different types of cutting, material selection techniques, etc. Besides practical skills, universities will also study industrial issues, from historical developments, trends, processes, distribution, resources and production. That’s the general lesson of fashion. But often, students choose certain specialized areas ranging from jewelry, textile design, fashion journalists or photographers, even marketing, public relations, to management in the fashion industry.

Among the many fashion schools around the world, INDBeasiswa has summarized the top 11 schools according to the QS World University Rankings, which may be a consideration for you to further your studies in the field of fashion. Here’s the review:

A. America’s Best Fashion Schools

1. Parson, the new design school

The programs offered include fashion design, fashion studies, and …

Make Your Special Day Phenomenal With These Tips And Tricks

Make Your Special Day Phenomenal With These Tips And Tricks - Show Your  Style

An outdoor wedding can be a breathtaking event. Decide if you want your outdoor wedding to be in your backyard or perhaps the beach, an historic estate, a park or scenic waterfront. Whatever you decide, this article contains a number of tips on how to plan for this special occasion, and offers suggestions to make it a memorable event.

A wedding is a very special occasion that takes a lot of planning

To have a perfect wedding you need to do your research. Start by talking to other family members that have taken this step and find yourself a decent wedding planner if you require more help. You can have a beautiful wedding, and you can also just go to the court house if you want a more subtle wedding.

Have your wedding on the property of friends or family. If you know a person with a large backyard or …

5 Tips for Choosing a Fashion Style for Perfect Look


Hasil gambar untuk tips memilih fashion

Appearance is one of the things that must be consider by everyone, especially for a woman, it is because appearance is the first thing that is consider when meeting someone. It is also usually one of the demands of a job that requires always appear attractive. Thus of course ever ladies must be able to apply the fashion style that you will wear. Therefore, in make an appearance to be more attractive, you really need tips on choosing a fashion style so that later your appearance looks more attractive and also nice to look at, fashion style is not only expert in dressing. As for clothing, you can use a fashion style by paying attention to your body shape and size.

In choose and also wear clothes so that you look more attractive, there are some tips on choosing a fashion style so that in choosing, can be right …

Fashion Lovers Know Bet 10 Fashion Trends in the Year 2018

Aware not if the fashion trend is always spinning with the times. Trend a few years ago could be a trend next year. Then what is the fashion that will be a trend in 2018?

1. Pastel Color

Clothes with pastel colors again break down in 2018. Pastel can make a person look sweet and elegant appearance. If you want to try these charming colors, mix with your favorite jeans, bags with matching colors or combine two pastel colors at once.

2. Dark Demin

Denim is one of the fashion that never consumed the times. Denim that will trend in 2018 is more likely in dark denim. Complete your jacket, skirt, or pants collection with dark denim color.

3. Trench Coat

Udpate your style with trench coat in 2018 later. Trench coat will also make your appearance more fashionable. You can mix trench coat with ripped jeans, scarf heels or …

4 Shoes Should All Men Have

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When you ask the woman, how many shoes should she have? Most likely the number reaches double digits. Instead, a man needs only four pairs of shoes to do the majority of his activities. Here’s the description:

  1. Sneakers are cool

As has been reviewed many times, sneakers or sports shoes are now not just limited in the field or gym only. A pair of cool sneakers you can also wear when meeting with friends or dating. Choose sneakers with classic silhouettes and interesting details. The unique material, color, or type of shoelace will distinguish yourself from other men.

  1. Casual work shoes

These are shoes that you can wear for semiformal events or jobs that are not glued to the formal dress code. Your choice can fall into suede or rope-covered shoes, or just a slip-on without a more leisurely strap.

  1. Boot

You do not have to be a climber to …

Fashion Trends for Men and Women of the Year for the Beginning of 2018

The initial resolution of the year that people usually make is getting more stylish! But to be stylish, what things to note? One of them, must follow the fashion trend!

Find out yuk, all the latest fashion trends for men and women in 2018! You must be the one hits among your friends


1. Splendid Your Unique Style with Print Shirt Motive, Suitable for Beach or Mall

Print shirt is one of the items that many men avoid because some motifs have a feminine impression. But do not be afraid! Many choices of motives that can be tried to keep your look up to date with the latest dress trend in 2018!

2. Tee slogan, Type of Fashion Statement The Most Easy To Use Everyday

If some time ago the basic shirt dominated the street style, this time the slogan aka Tee shirts quote begin to rise. The fashion …

5 Fashion Trends That Will Boom In 2018

The year 2017 has passed, it’s time to move on from the stripes motive, the color of shocking pink and platform heels that dominated over the past year. New year is coming, new trend in fashion was ready to invade.
What are some fashion items that you should be prepared to keep up with this year’s trend? Check out our selection.

What are some fashion items that you should be prepared to keep up with this year’s trend? Check out our selection.

Art Infused

Foto dari akun Instagram @versace_official

The year 2018 can be predicted as the year of collaboration. Not only among fellow fashion designers but also the collaboration between fashion designers and artists. Some of these collaborative footprints are already visible from some of the looks on the fashion week runway mid-2017.Mid-year 2018, the collaboration between fashion and art will be more visible. From the Versace collection inspired by Warhol’s bold to a …

Meet the 14-year-old fashion designer from North Potomac

Wearing one of her own designs, Chloe Ayissi-Etoh is surrounded by clothing she created in her at-home studio. Photo by Michael Ventura

A year ago, Chloe Ayissi-Etoh didn’t know how to sew. But this spring, in a school auditorium packed with more than 900 people, the teen soaked in thunderous applause as a bona fide fashion designer.

In a red dress she’d finished perfecting just minutes earlier, Chloe followed models who’d walked the stage at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda in nine looks from her first collection, under her brand chlolanà—a blend of her first name and middle name, Alana.

For Chloe, an eighth grader at the time, the fashion show was a major accomplishment. What made it even more impressive was that she’d had just four weeks to design, sew and fit the dresses, pants, shirts and corsets she’d sketched for various body types. The show was

Ebates Vs Mr. Rebates. Save More On Online Shopping.

Online ShoppingLee’s Online – Powered by Rosie – brings personal service and native merchandise proper to your doorstep saving you invaluable time.

Crowding and suffocation has characteristic many shops around us. I heard of a person that walloped in a retailer some years back in a distant part of the world. Online shopping has taken away such problem from us. You can entry the website any time of the dayPowerful software program have been developed by programmers used in this on-line shop on their behalf. Accessibilities at the moment are very simple. Freely can one enterprise into the shop and buy anything he desires with ease. An accessible shop is value transacting. Same right here! I also do a little bit of purchasing Online, however extra snug with conventional ways of procuring. So online shopping is offering comfort as well as disadvantages. On one hand, we take pleasure in procuring with …

Laredoan has designs featured by international fashion company

One native Laredoan has taken a huge step in their fashion career as their work is being featured in a Famous Footwear fashion campaign thanks to a partnership with their university and British footwear and clothing brand Dr. Martens.

Jude Hinojosa is a fashion designer and artist hailing from the Laredo area. Recently Hinojosa had the opportunity to feature their designs in Dr. Martens’ All Access Summer campaign. This allowed them to take their designs and career to a new level while they finish their masters’ degree program at Central Saint Martins in London.

Hinojosa was one of the five students chosen for the opportunity.

As a Gateway City native, Hinojosa has explored their culture and taste for music in efforts to craft several fashionwear items that have landed them an opportunity for their clothing to go international. The designs featured in the campaign are based on their memories from

Paper or Prada?: Fashion designer creates gown of newspapers to stand as testament to fashion, creative expression

Lashanda White-Owens

Twenty dollars worth of newspapers and a vision were the only things local fashion designer Lashanda White-Owens needed to create a statement piece worthy of rivaling the most eccentric fashion icons.

Lady Gaga may have ridden into the 2013 American Music Awards on a fake white horse in a Versace dress, but even the fashion legend herself has never worn a dress made entirely of newspapers and tape.

White-Owens, a Noxubee County native, moved to Columbus in 2009. She briefly worked for a construction company before devoting herself to her husband, children and a passion for sewing.

“I have been sewing for six years now,” White-Owens said. “Two years ago, I got more serious about it and started making handmade fashion.”

As a young fashion designer with a knack for entrepreneurship, White-Owens opened her own business, Luxe Code by Shun White, in 2019.

With a new space to

Fashion Designer Dan McLean Is Seattle’s Favorite Bootlegger

It’s a problem straight from an early-aughts fashion magazine. You’re desperate for a Juicy Couture necklace—like, everyone at your school has one!—but your parents totally won’t go for it. Do you:

A. Give up—maybe they have a point about not needing expensive jewelry.
B. Resort to begging—your reputation is worth more than your dignity.
C. Take apart your Juicy key chain and turn it into a necklace—resourcefulness is next to coutureliness.

For Dan McLean, the decision was simple. She wore that key chain necklace until the Juicy logo wore off.

Now, the Seattle fashion designer makes money selling pieces born of that formative experience: random thrifted bags adorned with emblems from big fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent; vintage button-downs cropped and enhanced with a Dior elastic waistband. She calls it “bootleg,” but these garments are a far cry from cheaply made, back-alley