Step into the illustrious world of fashion where creativity knows no bounds. This article is a journey through the annals of time, exploring the legacies of the most famous trend designers whose vision and innovation have not only shaped the industry but have become cultural phenomena.

1. Coco Chanel: The Pioneer of Timeless Elegance

In the realm of fashion, Coco Chanel stands as an icon of timeless elegance. Explore the groundbreaking contributions of this trailblazer, from the iconic little black dress to the revolutionary concept of casual chic. Unravel how Coco Chanel’s legacy continues to influence modern fashion, proving that style is eternal.

2. Yves Saint Laurent: Redefining Power Dressing

Yves Saint Laurent, the maestro of modern fashion, revolutionized the concept of power dressing. Delve into the designer’s journey from the couture house to introducing ready-to-wear collections. Explore how YSL’s creations, such as the tuxedo jacket for women, have transcended …

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Fashion MovieTo begin with, you will want invites. Sure, it could be simple to e-mail them, but that just wasn’t performed within the Nineteen Eighties.

As Meghna, Chopra brings to life the huge-eyed small city lady who desires of constructing it massive on the catwalks of Mumbai, and thereafter the world, and we journey together with her via this long and arduous street to modelling. Given that a typical Bollywood movie is available in two parts after an intermission, each part serves its intent well, performing as a separation of attitudes adopted, of the transformation of Meghna from aspiring model, to at least one at her peak, unhealthy attitude however.

Development of the film began in 2006, when Bhandarkar started research for the film. The screenplay was written by Ajay Monga along with Bhandarkar and Anuraadha Tewari, with principal photography going down in Mumbai and Chandigarh. The music of the movie …

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Fashion MovieI love songs from the Seventies and the 1980s. The music and the lyrics appear to be from a completely completely different world. Every time I make a trip to India, I make a point to buy as many CDs as I can find on all the favorite songs that I could recollect. But sadly I may by no means find one CD that covers all of my favourite songs. Or a CD that will remind me of the forgotten songs that I used to take pleasure in as a toddler or a teen. This listing is one in all my treasures on the quick beats of the Nineteen Seventies and Eighties. Sure to remind you of the disco era of bollywood. If you will have a music in these strains that I actually have missed right here, please add your comment on it and I shall add the music …

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Fashion MovieIt’s lengthy been stated that blondes have more enjoyable. Do they? Maybe, possibly not; however to this day there isn’t a scarcity of ladies prepared to seek out out. Seeing the likes of bottle blondes similar to Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Jayne Mansfield on the large display paved the way in which for other bold and daring ladies to emulate this style trend. Other celebrities such as Madonna, Pamela Anderson and Gwen Stefani have copied this iconic look over time, assuring that the bottle blonde look never dies.

Vera Wang is an American dressmaker who is greatest identified for her wedding ceremony costume collections. Hers is the kind of identify that gets frequently talked about in pop culture (think Sex and the City or Lipstick Jungle and you will suppose Vera Wang ). She can be embedded in the tradition of Hollywood due to the truth that …

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Fashion MovieMany folks have their very own opinion on why they assume the Rap Stars are carrying skirts and attire. When skinny jeans came out as a trend development some folks did not like seeing males wearing them. Now there are Rap Stars wearing skinny denims with skirts collectively as a style pattern. Some of the Rappers are replacing the thin jeans for legging to go along with their man-shirts.

Aspiring mannequin Meghna Mathur ( Priyanka Chopra ) wants to go to Mumbai and become a supermodel. Against her father’s wishes, Meghna leaves her dwelling to seek out success in the modelling world. Meghna meets an previous acquaintance, Rohit ( Ashwin Mushran )—a gay, aspiring designer who assists Vinay Khosla ( Harsh Chhaya ). Meghna experiences difficulties throughout her early days; she auditions a number of times and is rejected. Meghna meets and befriends another struggling model, Maanav ( Arjan Bajwa …

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