Benefits of a Backpaker Bag for Travelers

For a backpacker, backpack or Travel Backpack like a soul mate during a trip. Choosing the right backpack will determine comfort in every trip planned by a traveler. Well, so I didn’t choose the wrong backpack, we want to share tips on how to choose the right backpack. Easy to use and comfortable to accompany the trip.

Consider the use of backpacks based on the types of activities to be carried out such as trekking, city roaming or expeditions. After that, specify the size of the bacpack. For a day trip it is of course different in size when going on a trip a few days. The location where activities will be carried out also greatly influences consideration in terms of choosing the type of backpack to be used.

Backpack capacity is mentioned by liter or cubic inches (North America). For a short day trip, a 30-40 liter backpack is sufficient as a place to bring a change of clothes and a camera. For trips of 3-4 days, use a backpack with a capacity of 50-55 liters because you have to bring more equipment. of course. As for long trips, such as hiking for days, use a 65-70 liter capacity that can load tents and cooking utensils. If you look at a backpack with a capacity of 55 + 10L, it means that the bacpack measures 55 liters with an additional removable bag with a size of 10 liters. Many backpacks with inaccurate capacity. In addition to the capacity requirements, adjust the size of the body so it doesn’t look oversized. To get the right backpack, the length of the body must be known. How to measure from the backbone. When trying a backpack, make sure both sides of the belt are in the right position, right on the bulge of the waist, not at the waist. foreign backpacks are not necessarily suitable for smaller Indonesians. Do not hesitate to try with items in it.

Inside the backpack frame type, can accommodate the weight of the load slightly down and approaching the back. This type is usually preferred by women. backpack frame outside, the load is carried slightly upward. Useful as a ventilation because the frame makes a distance from the back.

Back system is the construction of a part of the backpack that is in direct contact with the back and is very influential on the comfort factor. The next consideration in choosing a backpack is design. Besides having to be ethical, you also have to accommodate the needs of travelers with useful features. Backpack color choices today are more varied. For hiking, choose colors like red, orange, and green. Function during an emergency. While for tourism, dark colors can be chosen so that the backpack is not easily dirty, or replacing it with bright colors to make it look more cheerful is also not a problem.

When in the past backpacks tend to widen to the side, then at this time the shape tends to extend upward. The type of backpack that extends to the side is still widely used by the army. The goal, so that the view towards the back is not blocked. While the type of backpack that extends upward tends to facilitate urban activities such as when going up and down transportation / public transportation. backpack with one main pocket, it will look simpler, but less ergonomic to take things quickly. backpacks with lots of pockets can be used as a place to put items as needed and are very efficient at finding items.

For sure traveling must be comfortable. The right choice of backpack is to support that comfort. If I already know the tips, don’t choose the wrong backpack .so that the road becomes more comfortable and definitely fun!

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