As humans, we are all different, and it is our difference that makes us unique. When it comes to fashion, it can be tempting to want to be somebody else especially when you are blinded by ad campaigns showing girls that look nothing like you. Whether we admit it or not, we all get affected by what we read and see in the papers. Fashion has learned that secret about human beings so well and they are making the most out of it. Learning a tattoo can be an easy task for a person who has a fine hand in art. You can learn about tattoo by working under the experienced artist. Working under the experienced artist at reputed tattoo school or Arlington Tattoo Shops, you will be able to know the different standards and styles of tattoo making. Most of the artists go for formal training in the field of art or tattoo school. This gives them to gain excellence in the field of art. They get the different vision in observing any object and this vision makes them, to stand out among the crowd. However, if you want to choose a tattoo artist as a carrier option, the requirements are not very high.

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Nevertheless, since we are humans and have a mind of our own, we can still make a statement that shows our individuality. When it comes to fashion, all you see are high very slim or even thin high fashion models gracing the runways. However, most of us do not look anything like those models in fashion magazines but we still need to look fabulous. Thankfully, if we know our body shapes and embrace it, we can be sure to look just as good as any high fashion model.

The most common body types include an hourglass, pear shape, rectangle, apple shape and wedge body type. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages and understanding what works and what doesn’t will help us be the best irrespective of what we are wearing.

Hourglass shape

These are those who have a well-proportioned body. Since these persons have a great shape, the best they can do is show it off. It would be bad to hide such great shape in baggy clothing. They will look great in skinny jeans and high waist skirts. You can also wear good looking silver earrings, which will be an addition to your overall personality. Today, you can easily shop these earrings by sitting at your home through online stores.

Apple shape

These have most of their body weight concentrated on the body. They usually have great legs and should show them off. The best advice for such people is to wear V-neck clothing to give an impression of a longer torso. They can also wear belts at their thinnest sections. To conceal those tummy bulges, empire tops will do just fine.

Rectangle shape

These have the widths of their waist and shoulder almost the same. They can do well by showing their arms and legs. To get the most out of their dressing, they should try to create curves. The can be the long jacket to give them a clean look and also tops that have collars and ruffles. They should try not to overdo their dressing.

Pear shape

These have bodies that are wider below than above. They usually have flat torsos and stomach. Since the lower part of the body is already big enough, the dressing should be geared towards drawing focus to the upper part. Dressing that draw attention to the hip is a big no! However, A-line skirts can be great.

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