The Best 100 eCommerce Trailblazers 2019 Revealed

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Are you interested in 2019’s 100 eCommerce Trailblazers?  North East firm Visualsoft has been ranked ahead of companies from Leeds and London. Visualsoft is listed as the top eCommerce and retail innovator in the UK this year. To know more about the topic and discover an exceptional retail merchant services review, just go on reading this post. 

Top eCommerce Companies UK: Retail Merchant Services Review

eCommerce platform Visualsoft has been ranked as the top innovative eCommerce and retail- services provider in the UK. Currently, Visualsoft has more than 1.200 clients and is processing over 1% of all UK eCommerce transactions via its platforms. Yearly, this makes up £750m.

Visualsoft’s CEO Dean Benson says it’s fantastic to be ranked as BusinessCloud’s top innovative eCommerce company in their 21st year. Are you on the lookout for an exceptional merchant-services provider in the UK? 

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Northern Digital Awards 2020

The shortlist for the Northern Digital Awards 2020 is already known. Various agencies, organisations, companies, and institutions from across the North have applied for the awards. You can find a lot of most favorite brands among the entries. 

In 2018, about 500 of the North’s digital specialists participated in the event organized by the Northern Digital Awards. The new event will take place soon, so let’s just wait. 

To sum up, 100 eCommerce trailblazers 2019 are already unveiled. Visualsoft, which is an eCommerce platform in the UK, has been ranked as the top innovative eCommerce and retail firm in the country. 

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