The Style Guide for Fashionable Men

We all need a style guide. Some of us naturally have a style guide within us. For the rest of us, we need a bit of assistance. Below we have curated the ultimate style guide for all gentleman. From hair to fashion we have created a list of tips that will point you in the right direction on how to have the perfect style.

A man can have a perfect outfit but without a perfectly matching hairstyle his outfit can get thrown out. There are many products a man can use to treat and style his hair. The market is saturated in the haircare space. Shampoos are used for cleansing the air. Afterwards apply a conditioner to keep the hair soft and hydrated. Oils and creams are also available for you to use to keep the hair hydrated throughout the day. But if you are looking to style your hair try out a wax or pomade. There’s always a big debate about pomade vs wax. The main difference between the two is that wax is used to manipulate and control the hair, whereas pomade is used to add some texture to your hairstyle.

There are a few clothing pieces every fashionable man should have. A classic button-down shirt can be dressed or down. A nice pair of slacks are essential. Your favorite t-shirts and jeans will make for the perfect lazy day outfit. For autumn and winter, cozy jackets and warm coats are surely needed. A nice pair of leather boots will keep your feet and legs warm. Ties and cuff links always come in handy. All of these items can be bought from discount stores and high-end designers alike.

Accessories are the finishing touches to any gentleman’s outfit. During these next few cold months, a hat, scarf or glove may come in handy. Fleece lined accessories, wool hats and leather gloves make for the perfect look for any gentlemen. Not only will these pieces keep you protected from harsh winds, but they will also keep you looking fashionable. Don’t forget jewelry counts as an accessory too. From earrings to watches to bracelets, men’s jewelry market is expanding.

Footwear is one of the major components of men’s fashion. Every man has to have a great selection of shoes that is a part of his style guide. Footwear comes in a variety of styles, colors and prices. Depending on your day to day schedule or personal wants, these factors will determine the type of shoes you will select. Make sure your wardrobe has shoes for both work and play. If you tend to dress up pretty often make sure you have dress shoes like loafers. Warm cozy slippers are essentially for the chilly months ahead. Hopefully, this style guide will point any man in the right direction on how to have the most fashionable wardrobe. Regardless if fashion style comes naturally to you or not keeping these things in mind will definitely make your style stand out from the crowd.

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