Tips for Choosing a Big Size Dress to Still look beautiful

Having a bigger body shape can sometimes be a challenge in itself. It is not only social pressure that makes us believe in the existence of an ideal body, often we also have difficulty in choosing the right dress so that we can still look beautiful with our own bodies.

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The good news, now more and more clothing manufacturers are producing the best cheap plus size clothing to meet your needs. Here are some tips that you can try to choose the right dress so you can still look beautiful.

Understand Your Body Type

Recognizing your body shape is the main key in choosing the right dress. Your body type will provide a guideline on what choices of dress models you can wear to maximize your body’s potential.

The Right Size

One of the things that is suitable for large bodies is to avoid light colors and use dark colors, however, this is not entirely true.

The truth is not color, but fitting. White dresses won’t make you wider if they are the right size, while black dresses don’t always make you look thinner if they don’t fit. So, make sure that you choose clothes that really fit your body. To make it look more fit in your body you can use lingerie, if you’re looking for cheap plus size lingerie, lover-beauty is the right choice.

Motive Choices

One of the things that was once considered forbidden for large bodies is patterned fabric. There is an assumption that the motive will only make the appearance look fatter. When in fact it is not the case. Patterned dresses can be worn by anyone as long as it suits. The key lies in adjusting the size. When a small patterned dress worn by a large body, then most likely the motive will not be seen. Instead, choose a motif that is simpler and larger in size.

Monochrome Variations

It is no secret that a monochrome outfit will create the illusion of a longer body shape because of the same color effect and is not interrupted in the middle. But that does not mean you can just choose several fashion items of the same color and wear them at once. Play with a variety of ingredients and textures. Also, don’t be afraid to combine it with different colored accessories to create interesting contrast.

Line Model Dress

The choice of line motifs has been a secret for generations to create optical illusions of body shape. Not only horizontal or vertical, now many also create dresses with different asymmetrical lines. However, dresses with vertical stripes are still the best choice for body illusions to make them look slimmer. You can also buy stripe dress models at lover-beauty.

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