How To Care for Your Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are an integral part of your life. They help you see and read clearly, and they are also a fashion accessory. But what happens if you don’t care for them correctly? The lenses get foggy and the frame breaks, leading to added expenses.

Regular Maintenance

Regular frame and lens care will prolong the eyeglasses’ life—regularly schedule visits to the eyeglasses San Francisco-made. A well-maintained frame can be used when replacing a lens.

Clean Your Glasses Daily

It is easy for eyeglasses to get smudges, dirt, and dust all over the lenses. The best way is to clean the eyeglasses daily. You will see well when nothing obstructs your view and protect your eyes from fatigue. They might suffer if they focus too hard on seeing through the dirty surface.

Use Products Designed for Eye Glasses

The frames and the lenses should never be cleaned with a household cleaner or Windex. This can break the lenses. If your eyeglasses are dirty, clean them with mild soap and water. Use a clean, soft cloth to dry the eyeglasses, and avoid using household or window cleaners.

Store Them Properly

Eyeglasses are fragile, so you should store them properly to prevent scratches or breakage. Also, ensure they are not touching anything. Remove your glasses when swimming or bathing, and always store them when you aren’t wearing them.

Disinfect Your Glasses

Glasses can harbor viruses for days. So, always disinfect glasses with antibacterial wipes or dish soap. Do not use bleach, acid, or alcohol to disinfect your eyeglasses.

Rinse Off Your Eyeglasses

Use clean tap water to rinse your glasses before wiping. This helps to remove particles that may scratch the glass. After rinsing, wipe with a clean cloth. Allowing water drops to dry on the lenses can cause water spots.

Eyeglasses are a big investment. The user spends money and time looking for the best frame. To serve you better, always keep your eyeglasses clean and dry, store them correctly, and disinfect them. Improper care for your eyeglasses will cause scratches, bending, or breaking.

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