As the seasons change, various trends begin to emerge. Starting from makeup, hair, to of course fashion, new styles continue to dominate as the latest fashion trends. It’s not uncommon for the feeling of wanting to change the contents of your wardrobe and try out a new look continues to grow!

Get ready to make your summer look even cooler with a series of fashion trends that are on the rise lately. Many seen from Fashion Week to social media, don’t want to miss the following trending hits.

platform shoes

The first trend to dominate this summer is platform shoes. With a variety of cute styles available from chunky sandals to clogs, platform shoes can be the perfect key to adding height to your outfit without the pain of wearing heels. Moreover, with its easy and comfortable use, it seems that the platform shoe trend is not going anywhere. Many local brands offer cute platform shoes, you know, such as Made To Wander, DIRT, and ROVE.


In harmony with the fun and playful summer feel, crochet or knitted models are the mainstay of many people for an attractive appearance. The material is breathable, making knitwear suitable for hot weather. With the unique designs and colors of knitwear, your outfit is guaranteed not to be boring. It doesn’t have to be clothes, but crochet accessories can also be used as interesting accessories to enliven your outfit. A number of local brands also offer custom crochet clothes or accessories, such as GLAMPOOSE.

Cutout basics

Tired of wearing basic clothes that are just like that? You can try wearing simple clothes with cutout details as an alternative. Clothing with cutouts tends to have unique, albeit subtle, details. Whether it’s cut on the neck, chest, or waist, clothes with cutout details can make a simple outfit look different and trendy. Plus it’s summer, showing a little bit of skin is okay! You can take a peek at some local brands such as Baesic Addict or Everyday Claude for simple clothes choices with unique cuts.


With a simple linen material but with a distinctive texture, linen clothing is one of the mainstays of this summer. Apparently, linen is also a fabric material that is much more sustainable than cotton. Linen is made from flax (flax) which is a regenerative plant useful for enriching the soil, so that the relatively natural material is more environmentally friendly. Although linen clothes tend to be more expensive, linen fibers last longer than cotton. Trendy and sustainable, a trend that you must have!

Beaded necklace

Since the pandemic, many people have started to be creative in fashion. Although many trends fade quickly, the trend for beaded necklaces continues to be successful as jewelry hits for many people. Put your chunky jewelry on, because crafty jewelry like beaded necklaces are dominating! These trendy accessories can bring a playful and youthful feel, so that making outfit accessories more exciting. It’s unisex too, perfect for both men and women. Many local brands offer cute bead necklaces, such as Drunk Dad In The Lobby, UglyBijoux, Tickle Pickle, and ISSHU.

Matching sets

Although it’s not a new trend, the matching set model doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Matching sets or often called co-ords have become a wardrobe staple that you must have in your wardrobe. No need to worry about what to wear, wearing a matching set will undoubtedly make you look auto-stylish. The models are also diverse, just choose according to your style. With a separate design, you can still mix and match with other clothes! Psst, some local brands such as Shop At Velvet, 3Mongkis, and Morningsol have cool matching sets, you know!

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