What is the secret of unisex shampoos and conditioners?

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Throughout the world, over the past few years, gender stereotypes have been successfully eliminated, trying to live up to the main slogan of the French Revolution, “Freedom, equality, brotherhood”. It touched on that and the impact sphere. Why? Let’s try to figure it out.

Some find it offensive that women’s hair products choices are much broader than men’s. Many giving up use unnatural cosmetics altogether, believing that the best products for the hair and body are those that of natural origin. So many men, so many minds.

What is the phenomenon of popularity of unisex haircare products?

Perhaps it is the overcapacity of the market and consumer fatigue from the abundance of choice. Despite technological progress and many innovations, we want something simple and effective. The plethora of cosmetics at some point gets depressing and all you want from a can of cream or shampoo is for them to work

In fact, the shampoo doesn’t care whose head it washes – this is basically how the principle of the unisex cosmetics look like. Of course, there is more specialized care for dyed hair for example, but concerning basic tools, it works like this. There’s no need for pink and blue bottles, for special formulas for her and him. Only content, which satisfies basic needs such as healthy hair and looks good, matters. 

Benefits of unisex hair care products

The cosmetics are supposed to embody the dream of a perfectly clean and half-empty bathroom shelf. Unisex hair care products have no typical female and male perfume, as well as pronounced male or female design.

The most amazing advantage in our opinion is that most often unisex hair products are multifunctional. Shampoo can transform into a gel for the shower or shaving foam.

Unisex hair products work on the principle of differentiation by type of hair, regardless of is it «for men» or «for women». It makes perfect sense because the general rule of hair and self-care is that in the first place should be the result, not the means by which you achieve it.

To sum up 

despite all the above-mentioned advantages, there are still several drawbacks, as all hair care products have. Our main responsibility was to inform about this specific category and now you’re absolutely free and prepared to make your personal choice: Are you comfortable with the unisex hair products or not?

May your hair always be beautiful and healthy!

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